Industrial Hearing Screening and Testing

Industrial hearing screening and testing

Hearing damage is an actual and unfortunate effect of long-term exposure to loud noise. Noise is a risk of industrial workers and workers of any occupation who are exposed to loud noise.

We play a vital role in identifying noise-induced hearing loss – protecting the rights of the employer as well as the employee. Audiometric testing in occupational settings is key to the success of a hearing conservation program. It assists in determining if occupational hearing loss is actually being prevented by the current noise control measures.

Industrial hearing loss occurs progressively over time, making it difficult to notice changes in hearing ability.
This can be overcome by testing frequently and comparing hearing tests from past years to present tests. In acting without delay, protective measures can be implemented to prevent further damage.
It is therefore of utmost importance to perform a baseline hearing test, to have a measure against which to compare future hearing results to.

According to the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act No.85 of 1993) the following audiograms are conducted:

1. Baseline (Instruction 171)
2. Entry / Pre-placement / Pre-employment
3. Screening / Periodic
4. Exit
5. Diagnostic

By conducting these hearing evaluations, we assist companies in complying with safety standards to meet safety goals.

In working closely with the employer as well as the employee, our practice commits to the patient journey in hearing conservation.