Hearing Aid Prices

The reasons for great variance between hearing aid prices:

A carefully selected device will ensure that you invest the right amount in a hearing aid that is correctly matched to your needs.
The main factor that affects the purchase price of the hearing aid is the technology level and features included; the more advanced the technology, the more features are integrated which leads to a superior sound quality.

All hearing aid manufacturers strive to offer devices that meet the needs of patients and their budgets. To do this, nearly every product line consists of various performance levels or price points. The most advanced level will contain all of the newest and supreme features, for example, the most advanced noise reduction circuitry and wireless capabilities. Lower performance levels will contain fewer and less sophisticated features as the price decreases.

The Health Professions Council of South Africa advises against the illegitimate sale and purchase of internet hearing aids or hearing aids bought from unregistered practitioners in this country. Unregistered devices and people create risks for the patient due to their lack of clinical knowledge and lack of product support. It may seem cheaper, but a hearing loss can be a symptom of a hearing health problem that requires proper diagnosis by a registered medical professional.

The potential for a missed or incorrect diagnosis, and under-amplification (which will not help) or over-amplification (which can cause more hearing loss) are not worth the risk of bypassing a proper medical professional and a registered medical product.

The right hearing care professional will understand your hearing loss as well as your financial situation.


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